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May 4, 2019 - December 6, 2020
Unusual brands that you’ve probably never heard of as well as carefully curating the brands you love.  Singular source for unusual modern watches from around the world. A watch says a lot about you and helps you stand out. It’s time for YOU to be Unique.
We believe that the modern watch represents more than just a functional mechanism to tell time. A watch is a unique form of art, design and personal expression. We’ve had a long-standing mission of providing unique and affordable timepieces to adventurous enthusiasts like yourself.  “In an age when growing numbers of people tend to look dangerously alike, a watch’s capacity to suspend, even for a moment, our habitual ways of presenting ourselves may well prove to be one of its greatest benefits.”
We repair all kind of Watch.


Start: May 4
End: December 6, 2020
Event CategoryFashion
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