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Kangen Fish Aquatics 10% off

May 4 - October 6

Welcome to Kangen Fish Aquatics

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Welcome to Tanzania and German Pre-orders we will order monthly African cichlid shipments from our Zambian Exporters and AquahausGaus German supplier. The majority are preorders from customers, if you are interested in ordering some imported high-quality African cichlids please subscribe and download on the bottom of this page to check the list of fish, sizes, and ratio you are interested in. You can copy and paste all the fish you selected and reply to the bottom of the page you interested in and I will respond to your fish request. To get an accurate invoice please include size, ratio, and the number of each fish you are interested in preordering. We will check to make sure they are available and get back with you an invoice.

Example: Aulonocara Mamela Undu 4 – 5 cm $15.00 qty 10pcs unidentified sex
Aulonocara Usisya Chinula 8 – 10 cm $40.00 2m/8f

All preorders from Zambian and German list require a 50% deposit. You can Etransfer or come and see me at my store to pay. All wild-caught fish straight from Lake will go through medication, de-worm and parasite in a minimum acclimation period at least 3-4 weeks before being made available. German cichlids will acclimate for 1 week. No fish leaves unless they are completely healthy. Also, remember some times what you order may not come in or DOA. If it does happen we will reimburse your money 100% or work together for a solution. Thank you very much and have fun shopping.

Kangen Fish Aquatics

Only Open Saturday & Sunday, from 10:00 AM till 6:00 PM


Start: May 4
End: October 6
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